Chef T Says


I won’t be silent anymore!

I’ve been in “the game” of restaurants almost 30 years.   I’ve owned several, worked for a large company for 8 years…and I’d say I’m decently “cool” for my stage in life. But this isn’t about being cool.... read more

Why email “marketing” is winning every day… a story.

Practicing what I preach is important. I’m far from perfect, but usually procrastination is the issue. Either way, last week on Veterans Day, I sent out an email to my restaurant “list”. I wanted to give away a meal to any Veteran that came in over... read more

How to Host with BlueHost!

I’m shooting a video to walk  you through sign up process, but we have found great results in general with using BlueHost for sites.... read more

Oh the power of Brunson!

I’m a die hard fan of a Master online marketer, Russel Brunson. Just came across this offer to join his inner circle mastermind. Take a look and see if this is for you? Click... read more

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