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Looking back on my business journey is sometimes overwhelming.

We have been through inumerable challenges with our business, and luckily come out the other side mostly unscathed.

One of my latest journeys within our business is becoming more skilled at marketing and copywriting.

Why should a Chef / Restaurant owner know these skills you might ask? Taking Gary V’s advice, we are a “media company” first, and our technical business second. I’ll agree since I’ve been producing media in various formats and levels of polish for many years now.

Another amazing skillset that is necesary in ANY business, is learning how to sell better.

Copywriting, Sales copy, story telling, the hero’s journey…the list goes on and on.

My quest led me to learn about a company called ClickFunnels and the co-founder Russel Brunson. This software company is so much more than a tool, they are like a virtual University teaching business knowledge and attracting some of the BEST in the industry. Gathering expert from all areas, the online and virtual events are second to none.

Well, it all started with one book, that I’d like to introduce you to below.

Click through to the next page and listen to Russel talk about his entrepreneurial journey. Maybe you’ll recognize some familiar worries and stresses.