Before we can figure out if you need a sales funnel, let’s defin

A sales “funnel” is a series of web pages, links or other online elements that takes a potential buyer through a series of predefined steps towards a goal.

For example, a visitor lands on a page with a video, a headline and an “opt in box” allowing them to input their name, email address and phone number.

After they enter, they are taken to another page on a site/funnel site that may deliver a free report, or video, or other content.  It could have the option to buy a sample from the company, get a chapter of a book for a low price, or even try to “upsell” the visitor into another series of freebies or purchase options.

In reality, sales funnels have been used WAY before tne internet was around.  Something like this;

  • Inside sales person “cold calls” people from a phone book on a particular street offering a free estimate for roofing for example.
  • If the potential customer is interested, sales person gets name, phone number, and address, putting this into a notebook or on a card for an “outside” sales person to call on.
  • Outside sales person goes on that sales call, giving an estimate for new/ repair of roof.
  • Let’s say the customer says yes, and the job is started.
  • One “upsell” from sales person is to use the new “Super Duper Mega Strong” roof shingles, at just a 20% upgrade in price. (this is an Upsell)
  • “oh that’s not for you? I can understand, how about the (insert mid level named shingle here) version, it’s only 10% above our original estimate?”  (this is a downsell)

and so on.

In the modern age, a “Sales Funnel” can do all this for you and MUCH more interactively, 24/7 and never ask for a day off!

Check out ClickFunnels here for some super cool video about the products I use, and see if this could benefit YOUR business.

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To be honest, almost ANY business can benefit from bringing this “sales funnel” process on board.  I’m using it in my restaurant business with GREAT results.