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It was a super snowy Saturday afternoon in 2015.

I was sitting at home watching the snow fall down, watching the news and wondering whether we could open that night.

As it got to 1:30, 2 o’clock in the afternoon… I knew I had to make a decision for both of my customers and for my staff who would have to try to make it in.

I called one of my staff who happen to be out in the snow, and he showed me a video of how bad it was on the roads.

It was at that moment that I decided it was best we close.  Realize that in our city of Bethesda, Maryland… Even the people are driving $50,000 SUVs, they don’t want to get out in the snow.

So I started to make the call to close that night, updated the website, our voice mail, and send out notices to all our staff to not bother to try and make it in, we were closing that night.

It was at that moment that I started thinking “I can’t sit here at home all night and do nothing”

I just couldn’t be here, having to close on Saturday night and not make any revenue.

So I figured why not shoot out an email to my email list, see if I can generate some revenue by selling a three course dinner for two.

I crafted up an email in about 50 minutes, and pushed “send” to my list of about 5000 people.

I was in touch with a friend of mine also does marketing, and we talk often about the effects of email.

Once I sent my email to my list, I start looking at my e-commerce software that contains the place that people can purchase my offer.

I started refreshing my browser to see the results.

I actually got an email back from someone on my list praising me on how smart my email was.

Within five minutes I started seeing revenue come in.

30 minutes later I have $780 sold.

Within the first hour we were over $1,250.

By the end of the night around 11 o’clock p.m., I had brought in over $3,000.

Sales continued to roll in overnight.

I knew that like myself, people were mostly in for the night. What a most people doing it these times? Look at the computer, checking email and searching the Internet.

From the next 24 hours, my sales came in at just over $7,000.

Consider the fact that I was sitting at home, with my slippers on… Literally sipping hot cocoa.

Had I not had an email list to send to, I would have no resource to make any money that day.

The snow was so much that we actually we had to close the next day as well…

We ended up getting about a foot and a half of snow which for our area is quite a bit.

I was much more at ease knowing that I’ve made sales, and those guests would be coming in over the next 60 days to collect their three course dinner, and probably spend a little more wine and drinks its and such.

If you’re interested in learning more about my marketing methods using email to drive revenue, community and engage with my guests… go to learn email.marketing right now.

There you can sign up for a free audio course and downloadable e-book on the beginning stages of email marketing… I give you real stories from my real experience being a restaurant operator.

I know how much it matters, thanks for reading… I hope we can help you in someway.