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Tony Marciante InstagramI’ve been in “the game” of restaurants almost 30 years.


I’ve owned several, worked for a large company for 8 years…and I’d say I’m decently “cool” for my stage in life.

But this isn’t about being cool.

It’s about me stepping strong this year into teaching restaurant owners, managers and really ANYONE who helps drive traffic (butts in seats) into a restaurant.

I am sick and tired of seeing restaurants close.

Yes, there may be operational issues, staffing issues, and more.  I can coach and counsel on those, but for now, I’m focused on top line growth.  Building community.  Building relationships with your guests.

If you’re old enough to have experienced the show “Cheers”, there is a big lesson there.

Sure you could get a burger and a beer there I’m sure.

Probably a place that would pour a good shot, and had some onion rings for you.

But this was NOT the point of this place. Yes, I realize it was a TV show, but actually, it WAS a real bar.

Its was all about relationships, feeling good about your surroundings, being in a place of comfort.

We have to remember that facet of restaurant life.

Realize that a lot of that vibe is created before and after you are actually IN the restaurant.

It’s what happens around the brand of your establishment, what are you known for?  What happens as you publish content about your place.

You ARE publishing content right?

You know, pictures, video, text, posts, updates, etc?

If this is not happening, we have deeper issues to address, but for now, let’s just realize that building your audience is so important.

Yes, your amazing menu, bright cherry staff, and perfect location should be enough.

But it’s not.

Your competition is always out there, vying for the attention (and stomachs) of your guests.  Luring them away with some hot new concept to check out, perhaps diverting their attention away from their old frind…You.

In 2017 I’m looking to deliver several powerful steps forward in my war against closure.

My email marketing program.

My restaurant marketing podcast/website.

Continuing my work with in person consulting.

I want to help people survive and thrive in this restaurant thing.

Learn more about me at my “about me” page.

I know what I’m doing, I’m still always up for learning, but the techniques I’ve learned have helped me in my real world business.

Thanks, let’s get this 2017 thing going.