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Building your business is all in your hands.

I am committed to curbing the death of restaurants in 2017 and beyond.

While our industry faces a real uphill battle with rising employee costs, rising rental rates and more, my focus is on what I can affect.

That mostly covers my food, drink and restaurant environment.  Positive staff, great guest interactions and such.

But what about engaging with more of my audience?  My customers / guests / friends and such?

For many years now in my restaurant, I have used methods to build my email list.

From very early on, here are a number of ways that I’ve actually collected them, and what kind of results I’m able to achieve.

  • Sales focused website experience with sign up boxes on my site.
  • Bottom of each sales receipt and credit card slip, a sign up area for my mailing list and rewards program.
  • While promoting a Summer Lobster promotion, each person who got a special deal was encouraged to sign up on our feedback slip.
  • We run occasional offers through Groupon and similar sites.  Instead of sending the traffic to our home page, I setup a special “landing page” that prompts them to join our list for more bonuses.
  • My staff is very attuned to talking about our rewards program and mailing list at the end of each meal.
  • My emails going out encourage sharing to friends to get similar special offers.

These are just a few ways, but end result is I’ve had a list of over 5,000 people for my small restaurant in the middle of a crowded Bethesda market.

I’m able to promote offers to that list and drive significant revenue, multiple times a year.

We have a real relationship with our guests and interact on MANY other occasions besides just when they visit.

Use some of these methods above to start building your list.  Get serious about it.

Below are some response emails from folks after I sent out an “end of year” type email a few days ago.