As I do more and more consulting, blogging, podcast creation AND run my restaurant business, time has never been tighter.

A small business owner currently for 8 years, and in general and entrepreneur for over 20 years, I know what it takes to run a business.  It’s never easy.  Surviving the recession, I had to use many digital tactics to spread the word about my business. I created a blog on our website, posted up to twitter (before twitter was so popular mind you), facebook and other social sites.  My videos were simple, my posts were basic at times, but they got the job done.

As time went on, I preached this more and more to people, but we didn’t have CoSchedule to rely on back then!  Posting content gets tougher and tougher, just due to the time and stresses of running your business.

Looking at my future, my digital life grows, and I delegate more and more of my daily restaurant tasks.

The reality is that until someone creates a 30 hour day, I am always looking for ways to save time, trim my workflow and get more “stuff” done.


I learned of from a great podcast from Pat Flynn, on his site  He interviewed the creator Garrett Moon in a great podcast, so I decided to check it out.

What this thing does is pretty crazy.  

Basically you have an interface that ties everything together from your Blog to your social media posts.  Facebook, Tweets, Blog post updates, all in a super friendly UI (user interface) that makes it literally “drag and drop” simple to schedule posts, look at your overall calendar (literally) and really gain a birds eye view of what is going on.

So many times, we get lost with all the close up details of what we are doing for our business.  It becomes “crisis management” rather that strategically launching initiatives, reviewing results, pivoting and refiring.  Does this sound like you?

Take a quick few minutes to review the video below, we’ll continue the talk below…

As you link up with all your social networks and a WordPress blog, it can become your HeadQuarters for blogging success central.  You can craft posts for either a one time post, or repurpose your great content on a schedule for the future.  One of the biggest issues with blogging, is the use of your content for just a one time post, and it can get lost in the shuffle never to be read again.

In today’s constantly changing landscape of content, it’s CRUCIAL that we look at our content products no matter what industry you are in.  CoSchedule helps you so much to stay on point with your blogging AND social media so your name is out there just the right amount.

Write blog posts from within, and look for ways to promote those posts multiple times on your calendar as far into the future as you like.

Give CoSchedule a try, they offer a two week free trial, and super cool customer service.  I’m finding that it is really helping me hone down my messaging and schedule in a way that won’t wear out my welcome with my fans.

I’m out, hit me up with any questions!


p.s. check out some screenshots below for more information

CoSchedule-EditPost CoSchedule-UserDashboard CoSchedule-Top-Postscos-logo-icon-orgwht-250x250