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You have a vision for your ultimate dream, your own restaurant.

What phase are you in?

  •  Start up is happening one day, what do you need to do to prepare and not become “one of the statistics”?
  • Your operation is a couple years old, but floundering, or just needs fresh energy.
  • The business is 3-5-8 years old, and maybe it’s time to “pivot”, outside perspective is key.

My restaurant consultation services come from 27 years of owning and operating many types of restaurants.

I can help you on a number of topics including;

  • Menu design & implementation
  • Restaurant design including kitchen, bar, dining room.
  • Many opportunities with marketing and technology needs.
  • Concept structure and how it relates to your potential success.
  • Public relations

Some of these topics will require more extensive outside expertise.  I am VERY aware of my strengths along with when we would need a specialist to handle more intricate and/or involved details.

We will arrange our communications with a few options.

  • Remote consultation via email/skype/web video
  • On site visit including operations, marketing, site inspection, personnel management, etc.
  • More specific areas of need that you have on a case by case basis.
  • Initial consultation call of 50 minutes, $150

Please feel free to contact me with a description of your situation and where you feel that I can assist you.

Chef Tony Marciante

240 460 TONY

My experience with Chef Tony’s consulting has been rewarding. I am a soon to be bar deli owner who hired Chef Tony to aid me with the details of the scope of work of my deli. I needed a structure that aided me with the details of operations of my business. One of the first lessons, I learned was to create the scope you want and as new ideas are created-decide if it should be included with what you have. If it does not-do not include it into your scope.

My favorite quote and lesson learned by Chef Tony is “Give the people what they want.”
Overall, working with Chef Tony has definately improved my vision for my bar deli. I am more confident and inspired to start my business.
Gehmelle Johnson

Future Restaurant Owner

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Meet Tony

Tony Marciante is a veteran Chef & Business owner who has proven the merits of his business development systems & carries an intense passion for helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

If you have any social media questions, or are looking to devise a new strategy to conquer the social media world, look Tony up.

Eric Abramson

Sales Manager at King Auto Group

Chef Tony is an enthusiastic, fun-loving and whip-smart person with an impressive talent for the culinary arts.

Jacquie Bayer

Events Director at NCM Media Networks

Tony excels in all endeavors — he’s a jack of all trades and master of all, possessing many amazing talents. His success comes as no surprise and I am proud to call him an associate and a friend.

Steve Dorfman

Customer Service Consulting, Speaking, & Training

Here’s How Business Email Marketing Consulting Works

My program gives you a step by step ‘get it done’ roadmap to setting up basic email marketing systems.  I walk you through the mindset and actual videos to show you that it’s very achievable.

You get downloadable PDFs of all my lessons, Video tutorials and 30 days of phone support to ensure you’re up and running, collecting people for your list, and driving sales to support your small investment.








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I’m huge on service and my commitment is to do everything humanly possible to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the work we do together. If for any reason you don’t think things are on point, I’m a phone call away.

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I understand that the decision to work with me is one that you really need to think through.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to any questions you might have, email or call me and I’ll be glad to talk with you.

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Are You Interested in Talking to Learn More?

Email or Call Me Today to Set up Your Free Consultation

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