Oh the power of Brunson!

Oh the power of Brunson!

I’m a die hard fan of a Master online marketer, Russel Brunson. Just came across this offer to join his inner circle mastermind. Take a look and see if this is for you? Click...
Oh the joy of CoSchedule!

Oh the joy of CoSchedule!

Share   As I do more and more consulting, blogging, podcast creation AND run my restaurant business, time has never been tighter. A small business owner currently for 8 years, and in general and entrepreneur for over 20 years, I know what it takes to run a...
email marketing by activecampaign

Amy Porterfield (here’s her site) is a master online marketer, and one you should follow, listen and subscribe.  She dropped a way cool tool here and I wanted to share with you guys, my tribe!

One reality is that we are all pressed for time, our attention level is probably clinically right along side with Attention Deficit Disorder, and our “to do” list is always growing.

That said, the sales process to get your customers or potential customers to buy in to one of you promotions, or just take WHATEVER action you want them to is constantly evolving.

One reality is that the principle of scarcity or time counting down is real.  People are moved to action because they realize that opportunity is slipping away.  You basically have to shove yourself ahead of the “attention line” to get a decision made.

So Amy let us know about an awesome tool that starts for FREE

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