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Practicing what I preach is important.

I’m far from perfect, but usually procrastination is the issue.

Either way, last week on Veterans Day, I sent out an email to my restaurant “list”.

I wanted to give away a meal to any Veteran that came in over the weekend.  It’s Sunday now as I write this, and we certainly had a few people come through to enjoy that gesture.

The email was written from the heart, and I really had no agenda other than to honor our veterans, and yes… I knew that it would resonate and be a nice thing to read from us.

What I didn’t really expect was the over the top amazing response that I got.  Now keep in mind, I wasn’t on the news, I wasn’t called for a radio interview, really nothing super explosive happened on a major level…but.

For me, the BIG WIN, was immediately the morning of sending it (it went out automated at 7:00 am) I got at least 9 emails from different guests gushing over how much they enjoyed the email, how much it meant to them, “what a nice thing”, and so on.

Truly the best way to wake up.

It continued throughout the day and into the weekend.  But here is the creme de la creme.

I just a few moments ago had a guest come in by herself to get Brunch.

She got a Ceviche and a Lobster, not the big point, but relevant.  🙂

After she was settled in, she asked the waiter to get me…

What could it be?  My mind of course goes to some issue or feedback that she might have?

I finish her lobster and get it served, and before I get to my next task, get over to her table.


She stands… I told her not to.

“Oh no, I have to, I’m here to honor you.”

I’m confused.

“I read your email the other day after the election (Veterans Day) and I just had to come from Baltimore to see you today and dine”

She gets teary, as do I a little then…and now.

” I was just so touched by what you wrote, and by having the courage to share and be so transparent, it was really amazing”

I thanked her and felt her energy was so genuine.  I really appreciated, and tried to lighten the mood, after all…dining is fun!

She had a great little setup with a video on her phone, the hot steaming lobster got delivered, and I let her enjoy.

I grabbed a waffle that had been waiting for me to eat, and pondered at the bar.

It hit me that although we all love social media, and she even mentioned that she sees my facebook posts and such… the POWER of email cannot be touched.

As a marketer and business owner, it’s crucial to get the message out.

It’s crucial that the message gets consumed (text, video, etc) and that your intended audience “sees” what you’re saying.

This lady is the ultimate example (among many) of what effective marketing and tribe building is about.

Now please understand…my email was to my tribe of around 4,500 for the purpose of GIVING AWAY SOMETHING.

Also!  I give away actual product mind you…not an ebook, a pdf, or something similar.  I gave away food.

My reasoning was

  • I really honor our veterans, they do what they do so that I can do what I love to do
  • I wanted them to enjoy time with family
  • I know they would appreciate, and it would be a good deed for the weekend.

Anyways, she made my day…probably my week by coming around 40 minutes and letting me know how impactful my writing was.

I’m sharing with you because for whatever reason you may read my stuff, what I’ve learned truly works.

I have extreme empathy for other business owners that have not discovered, or put into action, effective tribe building and marketing for their business.

You see you can do both…build your business and share amazing energy to the people around you.  They are NOT exclusive concepts.

I think of the instructions before a flight.

“In the event of an emergency, an air mask will drop in front of you.  Fasten the mask on you securely so that you may breathe, then help anyone around you to do the same”  (basically).

As Jay Z says “I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them”

Hope the read helped…talk soon.

Chef Tony